Text to Video Synchronization
Text to video snychronization is traditionally used in the legal industry to synchronize transcripts to
video. We can help you prepare for your case and present video evidence in all types of hearings.
Multimedia has become an integral part of the legal arena. Attorneys often utilize the power of
audio and video to create a lasting impression on the judge and jury.

Synchronizing digital video with text allows legal professionals the ability to quickly search, edit
and present video evidence synchronized to the court reporter's transcript. You can export
segments, produce multiple clips from the video and create video montages. Each synchronized
video can either be played back with our free player or be imported into most popular trial
management software applications such as LiveNote and Sanction.  

Our in house capabilities include encoding and syncing hundreds of hours of video a week to
accommodate the shortest turn-around time. We can also package the synchronized video
deposition together with exhibits for you to review, export to other trial presentation software, or
present  directly in court. OCR documents may also be incorporated with the deposition.  

You can trust our team to deliver the fastest product along with  top notch service.

If you require digitizing of your VHS tapes or other video formats we can help. Please see our  
digitizing and conversion services for more information. We offer very attractive discount pricing
on high volume requests and when purchasing digitizing and synchronization services together.
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