Audio and Video Editing and DVD Blu-Ray Disc Authoring
We can take your raw footage and create a
final video that represents your vision and
beyond. We create your end product with a
complete digital non-linear  work flow. Keeping
your viewers in mind, we can help  attract and
maintain their attention by incorporating custom
effects and transitions. We can also create a
custom animation of your company's logo for a
viewer experience that keeps your brand front
and center.

From clients with basic needs and low budgets
to those looking for more advanced video
services, we can provide a polished video that
exceeds your expectations. Typical projects
include corporate communications, testimonials,
training, product information, court video and
personal performances. We can edit a multitude
of original sources in both standard definition
and high definition resolutions and output your
video for web, DVD or Blu-ray.
Why settle for just a final video? Our team can enhance the experience by customizing the menu and
navigation on DVD and Blu-ray. Our authoring service is the perfect compliment for final output to disc.
Our discs are encoded to the highest quality standards and can include motion menus with customized
backgrounds, transitions  and audio effects. For incredible picture, incredible sound and a unique product,
our team can help you realize the possibilities for your project. We can set you apart from the rest!

Other DVD and Blu-ray services include multiple language audio tracks and sub-titling.

We can help to record your video. If you require assistance acquiring footage for your final product please
see our
audio and video recording services for more information.  

We can also duplicate your final disc. Please see our
duplication services for more information.
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