Text Synchronization
Audio and Video Recording
We provide an assortment of well maintained projection, sound, computer display, high output
printer and audio-visual presentation equipment. From corporate events to trial sites we have
what you need. We offer services including delivery, set-up and operation of equipment.
Digitizing and Conversion
We can take a variety of analog or digital audio and video formats and transcode them to
various other output formats for web and disc. We utilize the best compression techniques to
achieve the highest possible quality output.
For clients with basic needs and low budgets to those looking for more advanced video
services. Typical projects include corporate communications, testimonials, training videos,
photo montages, product information and court video. We can edit original sources such as
MPEG and multiple formats in SD to HD resolutions. We can encode and output multiple media
formats for the web as well as final DVD and Blu-ray disc authoring with menu design.
Traditionally used in the legal industry to sync transcripts to video, we can help you prepare for
your case and present video evidence in all types of hearings. Our in house capabilities include
encoding and syncing hundreds of hours of video a week to accommodate short turn-around time.  
Our in house duplication services can take care of your short run needs. Whether you need 500
copies of one disc or need one copy of 500 discs we can offer you a great product at a great
price. Our Blu-Ray, DVD and CD printers provide brilliant photo quality printing right on your
disc. We can also duplicate analog formats such as VHS and audio cassettes. Please see our
Digitizing and Conversion services for turning your old formats into  more reliable digital media.  
We offer high end professional video and audio recording services and can handle events of
all sizes. Typical applications include personal demos and performances, conferences,
meetings, presentations, and many other special events.
Audio Video Editing and DVD Blu-Ray Disc Authoring