About Us
The founder  Mark Thame started a company in 1995 as an audio recording engineer and music composer spending
years in the studio recording and composing for artists and commercial jingles. After spending time composing music
and syncing audio to video, a keen interest was taken in the creation of video as well. The next logical step in
development started as the opportunity came to learn the trade alongside some of the most talented editors and
videographers in the Chicagoland area which lead to multiple video shoots and video editing projects.

Through the years, the founder has served multiple roles in the AV industry gathering experience and knowledge while
working in the trenches. From studio to live audio engineering, video photo montages to corporate training videos and  
wedding to court room AV set-ups, it has truly been a valuable learning experience. After branching out and working
through various vendors accumulating a wide range of skill sets, the audio company, along with new offerings in video
and rental services, were merged to form Trailing Edge Media in 2008.

We have done projects for large corporations to small businesses as well as personal projects for individuals. No job is
too small or too big. As a result, we are now able to provide you quality and service with our own dedicated, qualified and
professional team. Our team is dedicated to providing you with reliable service through the duration of your project. Our
mission is simple: provide the best service at a fair price with exceptional support.

We sincerely would like to extend gratitude to our friends and customers that have supported us over the years. We look
forward to you continuing to be a part of our success.

Trailing Edge Media team